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Food Facilitator Training!

Published: 18th July 2019

Every public health initiative deserves a legacy to ensure the great work continues to benefit those in need.

We have been busy creating a legacy for Cook Together Eat Together (CTET) and are pleased to announce we have just trained our first group of Food Facilitators.

The training is designed to give participants the confidence, skills and support needed to run a successful Cook Together Eat Together Club in Coventry. Groundwork West Midlands provides ongoing support to all Food Facilitators.

We were joined by familiar faces from Ekta Unity, Coventry City Mission and previous participants. These CTET Pioneers (as they like to be called) began by filling us in on what they thought their roles would entail and left the training knowing exactly how to run a successful cooking club. Naturally just to see if they still had ‘it’ they cooked the lunch and it was delicious.

We want to thank all those who attended and encourage you to look out for new upcoming courses. With our new ‘Food Facilitators’ on board they’ll certainly be lots of them.