How Cook and Eat Well Helped Me!

This is Sharon from our evening group in Coventry. She has given us her thoughts on how coming on Cook and Eat Well has helped improve her confidence, cooking skills and Sharon now makes healthier changes for her and her family.

“Since I became ill and started using a wheelchair, it has fallen to my husband to do most of the cooking. I found I had lost confidence in the kitchen – I started dropping things and I burnt things. I wanted to do the Cook and Eat Well cooking course to boost my confidence, implement healthier eating for my family and help me start cooking again.

Since starting the course, I have bought a second-hand slow cooker and this has made cooking a lot easier for me (not having to use the hot hobs). I can do a lot more. I have made soups in it, I made the mushroom stroganoff that we did on the course. Even if I am only cooking one day a week, it makes me feel so much better that I am able to help again. My husband has described it as a bit romantic – he is enjoying me cooking for him and it is encouraging him to cook healthier too. He is certainly not making as many trips to the chip shop anymore! It’s working for the whole family.

When I was stressed or bored, I used to eat more. But now I make sure I’m spending more time upstairs so I have the company of my son and husband, and I’m not able to just go into the kitchen to get snacks.”