Volunteering with Cook and Eat Well

Published: 22nd January 2018

Lisa is volunteering for Cook and Eat Well on our cooking course at Grace Academy. She is a Dietetics Student at Coventry University. She is learning about how to help people make informed and practical choices about the food they eat. Here is what she has to say:

“Volunteering at Cook and Eat Well has provided me which an excellent insight to the public health domain of dietetics. It was great to hear from those who attended, how each session has made them think more mindfully about the food they provide for themselves and their families. Also, it was interesting to see how the sessions had a wider effect, such as enabling people to develop their English skills. This has been an invaluable opportunity and has definitely helped me translate the theory of dietetics and public health into reality, and has provided me with a great step prior to going on a clinical and community based placement for my course!”

It's been great having you with us Lisa!

New Public Health Campaigns

Published: 2nd January 2018

It's January - a great time to start making smaller changes to become healthier.

Public Health England and the NHS have launched two new campaigns to help you on your way - click on the links below for more information!

Healthier Snacks - from Change 4 Life

Smokefree Health Harms

A Christmas message from the team

Published: 14th December 2017

Dear all,

Christmas is around the corner and as always you will begin thinking about your goals for the New Year. We all enjoy helping you achieve your health goals here at Groundwork. So please consider taking our free cooking courses, taster sessions and keeping tabs on us via our website and social media. We always have new things to help you on the horizon. Thank you for supporting us we look forward to helping you and many other people out very soon.

From all of us at Groundwork we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

How Cook and Eat Well Helped Me!

Published: 6th December 2017

This is Sharon from our evening group in Coventry. She has given us her thoughts on how coming on Cook and Eat Well has helped improve her confidence, cooking skills and Sharon now makes healthier changes for her and her family.

“Since I became ill and started using a wheelchair, it has fallen to my husband to do most of the cooking. I found I had lost confidence in the kitchen – I started dropping things and I burnt things. I wanted to do the Cook and Eat Well cooking course to boost my confidence, implement healthier eating for my family and help me start cooking again.

Since starting the course, I have bought a second-hand slow cooker and this has made cooking a lot easier for me (not having to use the hot hobs). I can do a lot more. I have made soups in it, I made the mushroom stroganoff that we did on the course. Even if I am only cooking one day a week, it makes me feel so much better that I am able to help again. My husband has described it as a bit romantic – he is enjoying me cooking for him and it is encouraging him to cook healthier too. He is certainly not making as many trips to the chip shop anymore! It’s working for the whole family.

When I was stressed or bored, I used to eat more. But now I make sure I’m spending more time upstairs so I have the company of my son and husband, and I’m not able to just go into the kitchen to get snacks.”

Keep Warm, Keep Well

Published: 5th December 2017

With snow predicted across much of the West Midlands this weekend it is important to make sure you, and vulnerable people around you stay warm.

Click here for some great tips from the NHS about keeping yourself and your home warm to help you Stay Well This Winter 

World Diabetes Day

Published: 14th November 2017

14th November is World Diabetes Day! The day is held to raise awareness about diabetes.

If you would like to find out more about both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes please head to Diabetes UK

How Cook and Eat Well Helped Me!

Published: 7th November 2017

This is Kai, who has been coming to our evening group at Ribbon Court. She has kindly shared her thoughts on how Cook and Eat Well has helped her become healthier!

“I’ve really enjoyed the social aspect of the cooking course and learning about the healthier side of healthy eating. Me and my boyfriend are definitely getting healthier! I was used to eating out of tins and living on Super Noodles but now there is so much fruit in the house after we’ve been paid! There are only two of us so we’ve found that fresh veg goes off. So we are now buying tinned veg like sweetcorn and smaller packets of rainbow veg to create curries and pasta. I will definitely be making the Mexican Bean Wraps that we cooked on the cooking course at home soon.”

Stay Well This Winter

Published: 25th October 2017

People who are most vulnerable are being urged to get their flu vaccination ahead of the winter.

Those who are eligible for the free flu vaccine include:

  • adults over 65
  • pregnant women
  • children aged 2 and 3 as well as pupils in reception class and school years 1 to 4
  • people with long-term health conditions (including asthma, COPD and cardiovascular issues)

To find out more head to the NHS Stay Well This Winter website here

Stoptober is Back!

Published: 3rd October 2017

Did you know if you stop smoking for 28 days, you are 5 times more likely to give up for good?

Stoptober is back, with great tips and advice for giving up smoking. With the free app, information about stop-smoking medicines and e-cigarettes, you will find amazing support to help you quit.

Click here to head to the Stoptober page for more information

Active 10 App

Published: 24th August 2017

Public Health England have released a new app - Active 10

It is easier than you think to fit just 10 minutes of brisk walking into your day and this app will help you!

Find out more and download here